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Silicon Valley Makes Landmark Political Statement

Back in March and engineer for Slack named Erica Baker set the internet on fire with a series of Tweets that are geared to make a few remarks regarding the upcoming election. Essentially what she said was, "Ok VC's, CEOs, and company decision makers who follow me. Start planning now to make November 8 a day off. We need people to be able to vote." and you know what, they listened. Many have since answered t ...

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Passive Cloud: The Greener Future of Wi-Fi

Today countless teams of Electrical Engineers are posed with the solving the same, yet until now seemingly unsolvable problem: how to innovate WiFi technology so as to avoid battery drain. This problem seems to only be exponentiating given that more and more devices not only have access to the cloud but it is increasingly the case that they exclusively access the cloud and have little to no device derived s ...

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Self-Driving Cars Face Stormy Weather

Google's self-driving cars have come a long way since their first test-drives in the San Francisco Bay Area. ...literally. They've slowly been test driven in a variety of contexts besides their sunny home in Mountain View, California. Their next level training occurred in Austin, Texas,  and Google just announced on Wednesday that their autonomous cars' third round of adventures will be in Kirkland, Washing ...

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Zuckerberg’s Internet Lasers

Zuckerberg's project has attracted a lot of attention since its conception in mid 2013. The 31-year-old billionaire behind Facebook hopes his research and development team, The Connectivity Lab, will create new ways to bring web access to the billions of people who have been left out of the internet age. Not that all people who don't use the internet lack the infrastructure; many lack the funds ...

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HIV Clinic Fined for Data Breach

The UK based Bloomsbury Patient Network has been fined 250 pounds for mistakenly revealing the identity of HIV-positive patients in a group email. The Bloomsbury Patient Network is supposed to provide information and support for patients have been found to be HIV-positive. Unfortunately, in two separate occasions that took place in 2014, staffers at the BPN sent out emails to their members with up to 200 ot ...

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Discrepancies Between US and European Data Protection Causes Rift

Early this month, an agreement was reached between the United States and the European Union regarding American companies handling the personal data of overseas citizens. This agreement created a "Safe Harbor" for U.S. companies by establishing that a U.S. company could simply give its assurance that it would properly protect the data of Europeans (and would need no other form of certification). Promises are ...

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