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Is Zuckerberg Tough Enough on Security?

Recent news reports revealed that several of Zuckerberg's social media accounts were breached and defaced by hackers about a week back. Among Zuckerberg's compromised accounts were his Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest memberships. Evidence of the attacks disappeared quickly after popping up, though tech news source Engadget was managed to copy and post samples of the vandalism before it disappeared. Facebook ...

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Banking Trojans and Ransomware

Banking trojans have been around for a long time; they steal credentials for bank accounts in order to gain access to the money inside. While people know to fear banking trojans and the massive damage their data breaches can create, they may be a little less familiar with the next era's major threat: ransomware. Ransomware is becoming an even more common method of attack than banking trojans. When a banking ...

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The History of the Modem

A modem is a device made for sending digital data over a phone line. "Modem" is actually a contraction of the words modulator-demodulator. Modulation is so important for this device because the sending modem must modulate digital data into a form of information compatible with a phone line, whereas the receiving modem demodulates the phone-line-compatible date back into digital data. For a little perspectiv ...

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How to Make a CPU

Believe it or not, your CPU (or central processing unit) came from sand. More specifically, CPU's are constructed out of the silicon that makes up about 25 percent of all sand. Silicon (found naturally in the form of silicon dioxide) is actually the second most abundant chemical element found in the Earth's crust, the most abundant element being oxygen or O2. Accordingly, sand must be procured in large quan ...

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Comfortable Guide To Choose The Suitable Models Of Laptops

In the technical world many people like to get the advanced gadgets, now the latest technology brings varies advanced features. Even the business business people are also need to buy the advanced models of laptops. There are different varities of the laptops available in the market so you no need to worry about to select the most suitable laptops. If you need to choose the most advanced types of the laptops ...

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