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Zuckerberg’s Internet Lasers

Zuckerberg's project has attracted a lot of attention since its conception in mid 2013. The 31-year-old billionaire behind Facebook hopes his research and development team, The Connectivity Lab, will create new ways to bring web access to the billions of people who have been left out of the internet age. Not that all people who don't use the internet lack the infrastructure; many lack the funds ...

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HIV Clinic Fined for Data Breach

The UK based Bloomsbury Patient Network has been fined 250 pounds for mistakenly revealing the identity of HIV-positive patients in a group email. The Bloomsbury Patient Network is supposed to provide information and support for patients have been found to be HIV-positive. Unfortunately, in two separate occasions that took place in 2014, staffers at the BPN sent out emails to their members with up to 200 ot ...

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The History of the Modem

A modem is a device made for sending digital data over a phone line. "Modem" is actually a contraction of the words modulator-demodulator. Modulation is so important for this device because the sending modem must modulate digital data into a form of information compatible with a phone line, whereas the receiving modem demodulates the phone-line-compatible date back into digital data. For a little perspectiv ...

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How to Make a CPU

Believe it or not, your CPU (or central processing unit) came from sand. More specifically, CPU's are constructed out of the silicon that makes up about 25 percent of all sand. Silicon (found naturally in the form of silicon dioxide) is actually the second most abundant chemical element found in the Earth's crust, the most abundant element being oxygen or O2. Accordingly, sand must be procured in large quan ...

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Discrepancies Between US and European Data Protection Causes Rift

Early this month, an agreement was reached between the United States and the European Union regarding American companies handling the personal data of overseas citizens. This agreement created a "Safe Harbor" for U.S. companies by establishing that a U.S. company could simply give its assurance that it would properly protect the data of Europeans (and would need no other form of certification). Promises are ...

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All about information technology

Today’s world is definitely an era of electronics and applications that is enabled by information technology. Life has gotten better with faster and easier access to almost everything. A fitting example of this is the net banking application that is quite common with all the banks that enables us to avail banking facility from anywhere with access to internet. You no longer have to go to a particular bank t ...

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Importance Of Computer Technician To Obtain Various Computer Support

A computer technician is a person who provides the computer support to the computer users by individuals or as the worker of the computer service center. Since, there could be barely any person whose system has never contained any issue; there would be no person who had not needed the assist of computer technician at a single time. A computer technician is required to resolve the hardware and software issue ...

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Keep It Latest Notebook Computers with You Anywhere

The extremely weightless personal computer. The notebook computers are typically weigh smaller than the six pounds and also small enough to fit in the briefcase. Aside from the size and the portability, principal difference between the notebook computer as well as the personal computer is a display screen. The notebook computers use the variety of the techniques is known as the flat panel technologies, it i ...

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Play An Outstanding Android Game And Get More Fun And Entertainment

Games are the best choices for people who like to get more excitement and fun without spending huge amount of money. There are various games available, but some of them have ability to afford more entertainment like android games. While speaking about AndroidPIT, it is one of the popular and best sources that come with huge amount of best android games. By using the source, you may choose the best one in or ...

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Comfortable Guide To Choose The Suitable Models Of Laptops

In the technical world many people like to get the advanced gadgets, now the latest technology brings varies advanced features. Even the business business people are also need to buy the advanced models of laptops. There are different varities of the laptops available in the market so you no need to worry about to select the most suitable laptops. If you need to choose the most advanced types of the laptops ...

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