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American Tech Industry Urges European To Protect Encryption

The stage that has come to the fore in recent months in the American tech world has put encryption front and center as being the story of the year. In the United States of America the F.B.I demands that companies such as Apple help them de-crypt and unlock an iPhone used by the San Bernardino shooter, which has spurned a national conversation. After the hysteria that has erupted in the European theater most ...

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Passive Cloud: The Greener Future of Wi-Fi

Today countless teams of Electrical Engineers are posed with the solving the same, yet until now seemingly unsolvable problem: how to innovate WiFi technology so as to avoid battery drain. This problem seems to only be exponentiating given that more and more devices not only have access to the cloud but it is increasingly the case that they exclusively access the cloud and have little to no device derived s ...

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