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HIV Clinic Fined for Data Breach

The UK based Bloomsbury Patient Network has been fined 250 pounds for mistakenly revealing the identity of HIV-positive patients in a group email. The Bloomsbury Patient Network is supposed to provide information and support for patients have been found to be HIV-positive. Unfortunately, in two separate occasions that took place in 2014, staffers at the BPN sent out emails to their members with up to 200 ot ...

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The History of the Modem

A modem is a device made for sending digital data over a phone line. "Modem" is actually a contraction of the words modulator-demodulator. Modulation is so important for this device because the sending modem must modulate digital data into a form of information compatible with a phone line, whereas the receiving modem demodulates the phone-line-compatible date back into digital data. For a little perspectiv ...

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